Driving Process Efficiency

We can deliver back office and business support services across a wide range of markets to businesses operating within East Africa. Offload your routine office-based procedures to us and you can both operate more efficiently and reduce your costs.

Our local expertise in business operations across East Africa means we can provide high quality and cost-effective business services for all the essential tasks that aren’t unique to your organisation.

We have fully serviced offices in the most desirable business districts within Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya. These purpose built serviced office complexes come complete with full telecoms infrastructure and reception services – so you can move in and start operating as soon as possible.

We can also provide help with ancillary services – such as payroll, accounting, procurement and human resources. We can set up and manage your IT requirements – including secure data centre provision. Our expertise in these areas lets you operate efficiently, keeps your headcount at a manageable level, allowing you to grow your business – without the need for costly, time-consuming recruitment.

Commercial enterprise is growing in East Africa, with many multinational businesses like IBM and Procter & Gamble keen to establish a presence in the region. Our specific knowledge and established contacts will help you develop your business in this newly emerging economy. We can also offer training, landing services and even residential support for your employees.

Business success often hinges on knowing who to ask, who to recruit and who to avoid. We know the people in East Africa who you need to know. We make it possible.