A Welcome to East Africa

Our work on your behalf starts long before you arrive.

Our familiarity with East Africa means that we can recommend the areas most suitable for your offices and residential locations. We can arrange temporary accommodation and necessary transportation and we’ll also make sure you have all the paperwork in place to fully relocate your business. We’ll organise all the visas, immigration documents and work permits – meaning you can smoothly transition into operating within East Africa with the minimum fuss.

Once your business is in a position to begin full operations,we’ll arrange permanent residential facilities for your workforce – in a location that’s convenient for your workplace and other amenities. We’ll provide transport services for all your employees – visiting and permanent staff alike.

Whether you are part of a multinational organisation seeking to expand into the area, or are an SME that’s just starting out, we can help you to establish yourself across a wide range of market sectors. We can be your trusted guide and local expert – who makes sure that you only experience the best of what East Africa has to offer your business.