Enabling Lasting Change in East Africa

Education is the key to lasting change. An educated population can innovate locally and contribute globally – creating a higher standard of living for everyone and reducing vulnerability to external influences.

As with other essential services in East Africa, there’s a real need for schools and colleges. Many of the businesses that have invested in the region want to recruit locally to build a high calibre workforce. Through proper education, young people can make the most of these opportunities.

We provide critical support services to companies creating learning environments across East Africa. To help you get established, we can find the ideal land for your school or college. We’ll build your facility to fit your requirements, crafting the optimum learning environment for your students – from nursery to university.

“90% of African students taking PhD’s in the USA want to return” – Invest Africa.

We’ll be on hand to help you recruit teachers and administration staff. We’ll supply desks, projectors and whiteboards – and make sure your students have safe access to the internet. We’ll run the school canteen, providing nourishing meals for your staff and students. You can focus on teaching while we ensure the smooth running of everything else – including cleaning and grounds maintenance. By outsourcing all your ancillary tasks, you can set up and expand quickly – responding to the influx of students keen to gain the right skills for the fast-growing commercial sector.

Providing world-class education is the foundation for our commitment to the responsible, lasting development of East Africa. Together, we can help nurture local talent into the next generation into doctors, engineers, accountants and managing directors.

“Young African aspirations for entrepreneurship will encourage the educated to favour positions at SME’s over multinationals.”