Enabling Tourism in East Africa

The vast, stunning and diverse landscape of East Africa attracts visitors from all over the world. The tourism industry is responding to this demand by building new facilities.

We can help you establish your business within the region. Our land services can source the land for your hotel or leisure complex – securing you the best value for a prime tourist location. We’ll work to ensure the responsible siting of your facility – so it preserves the natural beauty of the region, while keeping visitors coming for the long term.

Via our construction capabilities, we can design and build your complex – to a high specification and in keeping with its surroundings. Our expertise extends to full exterior landscaping and interior design, to any level you require.

“New investment opportunities in the region have given rise to significant growth in business travel tourism.”

Additionally, we can help you with the day-to-day running of your leisure complex. Providing a broad range of support services and facilities management expertise to maintain the high standard of your buildings. We can also help increase your operating efficiency and lower costs by providing catering, concierge and housekeeping services.

Tourism can be a hugely positive influence in the region – providing local employment and bringing money into the area that will help support local people. Providing high quality accommodation will help in promoting the area further – increasing the number of visitors and boosting local economies.