Extraction in an Evolving Market

The African continent is rich in valuable metals and is positioned to supply the world for decades to come. It’s estimated that up to 40% of the world’s gold is located in Africa – plus 80 – 90% of its reserves of chromium and platinum. Infrastructural development of transport, trade routes, power and telecommunications networks have meant countries such as Tanzania, Mozambique, Uganda and Zambia are now sitting at the forefront of the supply chain.

We understand the mining industry and can provide support for your mining activities across the region. We know the complexities of running a large-scale operation in remote areas. We can make your life easier – providing support for all your essential business processes that aren’t part of your actual mining activities.


Production of copper in Zambia could rise to well over 1.5million tonnes a year by 2016″ – ICMM.

Because we’re experts in the construction and management of large residential complexes in remote areas, we can ensure the comfort and wellbeing of your workforce – essential if they’re far from home. We can build, fit out and manage your office facilities – as well as providing IT, accounting and personnel services. We can also provide training for your staff, helping to keep them safe and working efficiently for your business.

The opportunity for metals and hydrocarbon extraction across Mozambique, Tanzania and Uganda will be a driving force behind the rapid development of these countries. When we work with you to establish and grow your business in East Africa, we do so with extreme respect for the landscape. Our knowledge of the region means we can help you to honour your corporate social responsibilities. Together, we can build mining operations that support long-term growth.