Building the Opportunity

Within East Africa, there’s massive demand for buildings across all industrial, commercial, retail and residential markets. This urgent need for property stems from the demands of multinationals and SMEs seeking to establish themselves regionally. Currently demand outstrips supply and it’s estimated that, within Kenya alone, the real estate market is worth a huge $3.4 billion. Recent growth is expected to continue.

Unlike traditional commercial hubs in the world, East Africa doesn’t suffer from a lack of space, a lack of external investment or a saturated marketplace. The concept of buildings standing empty, waiting for a buyer or a tenant, is completely foreign to the region.


The urban middle class and offshore gas discoveries have driven construction activity.”

What’s more, East Africa has a huge amount of land with great development potential. Such development does not need to encroach on sensitive environmental regions or traditional villages. Construction in East Africa is a positive investment and important for the continued development and future prosperity of the area.

We can provide a turnkey solution for your real estate plans in East Africa. We can source the ideal land for development and can oversee the construction of buildings on your behalf. We can even, potentially, finance it. Our expertise ensures that the real estate you produce is designed and built to a high-end specification, attracting quality buyers and boosting the potential of the area.


Rising consumerism has fuelled the expansion of international retailers into East Africa”.

Our support services will help you get the most from your investment during the lifetime of the building. We’ll ensure your property is maintained in top condition and that services are constantly on hand to enhance the quality of life for your tenants. We’ll also make sure that your building is occupied and functioning to the best of its commercial potential. And when you want to move on and sell, we can oversee that too – ensuring you get the maximum return from your investment.

Whether you specialise in hotels, residential developments or commercial enterprises, East Africa needs your buildings.