Office Solutions that Evolve with you

Our managed office solutions make it easy for your business to get established within East Africa. A more cost effective and flexible alternative to leasing your own building, our managed offices can be designed and laid out to suit your operations. We provide top quality client service, allowing you to focus on your business needs. And, as the markets develop within East Africa and your business grows, we’ll evolve with you.

Not only is the managed office solution cost effective – freeing you from long-term leases – it also allows you total flexibility in up sizing and downsizing your business as required. And having just one point of contact takes away the stress of talking to multiple suppliers.

Your office space can be furnished to your exact requirements – incorporating your company branding and colour scheme. We can include open plan layouts, enclosed meeting rooms and individual storage and IT areas. Depending on the location, it may be possible for you to have your own access point to the building for employees and company visitors.

In addition to creating your business environment, we can take care of additional services – like reception, heating, lighting, cleaning, catering and telecommunications. We can also offer a range of business support services – secure data centre provision, recruitment, training and procurement support. Our comprehensive service offering makes it as easy as possible for you to operate at full efficiency.