Enabling a stronger workforce

No matter where your business is located in East Africa, our expertise can come to you. It’s important that your training is carried out in the right environment so, even if you’re in a remote mining facility, deep in the Kenyan countryside – we’ll come to you.

We can deliver essential training in whatever format best suits your market and your workforce. We‘ll provide the right experts – and they’ll deliver diverse training material in an engaging way and within an environment that’s conducive to learning. Our training formats include lectures, workshops and role-play. We can also design simulation scenarios – allowing your staff to learn first hand from near-real-world situations.

If your employees are working towards a professional qualification, we can help to facilitate the assessment by the awarding body.

Above your basic responsibilities to your employees and compliance with insurance policies, training will help you accelerate your development in East Africa. You’ll be able to employ and integrate local people with your business. The boundary between local and imported expertise will soften – as all your employees are given the knowledge they need to do their jobs.