We’re Committed to Growth in East Africa

For a long time East Africa has been at the back of the field economically. Lack of sustained investment, poor infrastructure and an absence of good governance – there have been many hurdles to development in this vast, minerally-rich region.

That’s all about to change. Not overnight, but it will happen – and we’re committed to being a key enabler of that change. We want to see economic transformation happen sustainably, ethically and for the greater good of our clients and the region as a whole.

We’re passionate about the possibilities because we’re already operational throughout East Africa – working in grass-roots partnerships with real estate developers, specialist constructors, premises managers and a host of other professionals.

Our team understands the lay of the land. Because most live and work in the region, they know the particular challenges it can pose to new business. But they also understand how to access the vast pools of local resource – and how the right relationships can build thriving businesses and create a new attitude to stake-holding.

Our expertise will help our clients capitalise on opportunity. Our commitment to the region will help turn those opportunities into a positive legacy.

We understand the region and we’re committed to it for the long term.