Delivering on our Strategic Objectives

Sunbird is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance.

Led by its respected, diverse and experienced board of directors, Sunbird has a very clear and principled approach to managing risk and delivering our strategic objectives. The Non-Executive Directors have relevant sector, service and geographical experience. In addition to regular board meetings, the board of directors are split into three committees – remuneration, audit and risk which allows the board to both support and challenge the executive directors in all keys areas of the business whilst also helping to develop overall business strategy.

Sunbird places particular emphasis on its risk management. The risk committee, made up of the executive directors and selected non-executive directors, have implemented rigorous operational risk management policies to identify, mitigate and manage risks within Sunbird and its subsidiaries. The Managing Directors and Senior Staff have clear risk parameters within which they must operate in all areas of the business including pipeline management, new contracts, contract delivery, new bids, new service lines, new acquisitions, new suppliers and new territories. The Managing Directors and Senior Staff are subject to a clear reporting and sign off process to the risk committee and/or the board of directors in respect of any risk items identified outside these parameters.

In addition Sunbird have a zero tolerance approach to bribery and corruption. The integrity of Sunbird’s operations throughout East Africa are critical to building a long term sustainable business and maintaining the trust and confidence of its stakeholders, customers, partners and suppliers.  Sunbird and its subsidiaries are committed to doing business in a fair, transparent and ethical manner.