A Benchmark for Responsibility

We put health and safety firmly at the top of the list for every single project we undertake. Whether we’re providing construction services in Mozambique or running serviced commercial offices in Kenya, we set the benchmark high for all our operations. Occupational Health and Safety directives are constantly assessed through robust management systems – at a local and a global level. We insist all our sub-contractors adhere to equally high standards.

We believe that people are our greatest asset – and we protect them by maintaining vigorous health and safety standards throughout our businesses, across East Africa. Because we take our responsibility seriously, we provide safe working environments and make sure all our staff – both the local workforce and imported expertise – are given the training they need to do their work safely, and to the best of their ability.

We don’t let the sometimes logistically difficult nature of East Africa get in the way of good working practice. The people we work with would never turn a blind eye to procedural shortcuts in order to get the job done.

International Standards

ISO accreditation is particularly important for developing countries, because it allows them to trade on a global scale. As part of our commitment to the East African region, we make sure the infrastructure we make possible is of a world-class standard – and that the businesses we support are fully prepared to compete at a global level.