Building East Africa for Good

Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Mozambique and Uganda are currently enjoying high levels of foreign direct investment. Recent natural resource discoveries across the region have elicited interest from multinational companies and international governments – resulting in the development of essential infrastructure. There’s no question that East Africa currently provides a huge opportunity for many businesses.

However, we’re acutely aware that the construction capabilities that we bring to businesses in East Africa are urgently needed by the charities working here. Through ‘structural CSR’, we provide the buildings charities need to do their work; from community spaces to places for local people to live. We can use our position to benefit the region as a whole – not just limiting our reach to growing businesses.

We believe that the influx of expertise, capability and investment into the region must be used to improve the lives of the local people, permanently. Together with our subsidiary company, TFA, we work within local communities to develop the built infrastructure required to raise living standards. We also take positive action on the real issues of today – for example, we’re currently involved in a project to provide education for disadvantaged children.

The sustainable, long-term growth of East Africa is only possible if everyone who lives here has access to basic amenities – such as healthcare, education and shelter. By working closely with other multinationals, and providing essential buildings for those who work with the very poorest, we’re helping to secure a better future for everyone who calls this beautiful landscape home.