We Know the Value of East Africa

Sunbird Asset Finance provides essential capital for a wide range of property development projects based in East Africa. Our local expertise helps unlock the value of land – both in urban and remote areas.

Our understanding of the local economic landscape means that we have clear insight into the types of developments that businesses are looking for right now, throughout the territory. Our wide experience of construction within the region gives us a first-hand understanding of the solutions needed to get your development off the ground. Which means you can be sure of the most relevant and up-to-date feasibility advice, on any project.

Sunbird Asset Finance can support your venture at every stage. We can secure the land you require and make sure it’s best suited to your market. We can give financial and project level support throughout the lifecycle of your development – from design and construction right up to the eventual sale or lease of the property.

Our local expertise helps unlock the value of land

We also promote the long-term investment in property across East Africa through our asset maintenance support services. Making certain your property is maintained to a high standard maximises its value, throughout its operational life.

For all the projects we support, our aim is to encourage the responsible development of the region. So the enterprises we fund can help foster lasting, positive change for East Africa.

For further information on how we can assist you, please send an email to info@sunbirdgroup.co or give us a phone call at +44 (0) 207 297 0364.

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