Facilitating Growth in East Africa

East Africa is at a pivotal stage in its development – with an emerging infrastructure being designed to support 21st century industries. The six countries that make up the region cover a vastly diverse terrain of over four million square kilometres.

World-class mining facilities have been established in Tanzania and Mozambique to extract some of the world’s most sought after natural resources, like gold and coal. Kenya is fast becoming the key commercial hub within East Africa – and the recent discovery of hydrocarbons means it has also has a likely future as a major oil producer.

Consumer-facing industries are expected to grow by more than $400bn by 2020″ – Invest Africa

International businesses thus have a unique opportunity to invest and contribute to the region’s long-term growth. At Sunbird, we’re committed to the sustainable development of the region. We bring the world-class standards in construction and services needed for global businesses to realise the potential of East Africa.

“By 2040, Sub-Saharan Africa is projected to have the largest proportion of economically active adults in any major market”.


The presence of Brazil in China in the natural resources sector has brought large investments in various infrastructure projects in recent years to Africa.

However, natural resources do not represent the main BRICS investment in Africa. According to data from African Development Bank, 75 per cent of the value of BRICS FDI projects in Africa between 2003 and 2012 are in manufacturing and services.