The discovery of huge natural gas reserves in Mozambique has resulted in a 43% increase of foreign direct investment. It has the potential to become the world’s fourth largest supplier of natural gas – with over 160 trillion cubic feet estimated to lie beneath its 800 thousand square kilometres. And its location on the Indian Ocean positions Mozambique as a potentially critical supplier to the Asian market.

In addition to natural gas, Mozambique has rich reserves of coal, base metals and precious stones. Its coal reserves are estimated at 3 billion tonnes – the region is expected to become one of the world’s top ten coal exporters by 2017. Experts have also praised the quality of Mozambique’s coal. Meaning that, once key infrastructure is in place, the country will be positioned to export to high demand markets like India and China.

Developing infrastructure is seen as pivotal in optimising these natural reserves – and construction is a high priority. The Ministry of Mineral Resources has been positive in licensing drilling blocks to foreign operators. The newly built infrastructure – transport links, roads, power and ports – will also promote growth in other markets, as previously remote locations become accessible. Commercial real estate and tourism are expected to be key opportunities – not just Maputo, but throughout Mozambique.

Economic growth has given rise to a consumer market amongst the 24 million residents, so there’s also a growing demand for retail and residential developments.

“LNG has the potential to generate over 700,000 jobs and $39billion per year” – Anadarko.

Sunbird has developed remote area residential sites in Pemba – the prime gas logistics hub in Mozambique. We have bases in Pemba and Maputo and we’re positioned to facilitate construction work in Palma, Pemba, Nacala, Nampula, Chabo and Tete. Together with Terra Firma Africa and Colliers, our partners in construction and real estate, we can offer world-class construction and support services. To help the future growth and development of Mozambique and to unlock the potential of this country to businesses worldwide.