Tanzania is attracting a large amount of foreign direct investment. A significant driver for this global interest is the abundance of rich mineral deposits that lie beneath the country’s nine hundred thousand square kilometres. These resources, including over twenty varieties of metallic ores and gemstones, are largely untapped. Multinationals have begun to establish large-scale mining facilities. Tanzania is also becoming an important part of East Africa’s oil production.

The country’s urban regions are expanding and half of the population of 45 million is expected to live in cities within the next twenty years. Residential and commercial property and services are very much in demand as a result.

Tanzania’s mining industry is still in its infancy and there are opportunities for international businesses, large and small, to break into new and emerging markets. The industry needs residential property for an expanding workforce and related operations – such as gold refineries – need equipment and services to support them as they grow.

“Over 20 million people are expected to live in cities in the next twenty years”.


There is also an increasing demand for services to manage the transactional side of the mining industry; world-class operations are needed to position Tanzania as a player on the global market. An improvement to public infrastructure has allowed markets such as tourism to expand – creating opportunities for international property developers to build hotels for Tanzania’s visitors.

At Sunbird, we are able to support all sectors within the country. We are experts in providing construction and support services in even the most remote and challenging terrains. Regardless of your activities in Tanzania, our presence in Dar es Salaam means we can help get your businesses established in the country and support you in your growth.