Mineral-rich Zambia has over 750 thousand square kilometres of landmass and is home to a growing population of approximately fifteen million people. It’s currently experiencing strong economic growth – with GDP rising by 0.6% between 2014 and 2015. Steep increases in copper prices and changes to market liberalisation policies have driven investments in copper mining and opportunities in the construction of related infrastructure have helped to boost growth. Tourism-specific construction programmes are currently in progress to develop the market – with incentives in place to attract foreign investors.

Zambia is the world’s prime location for mining copper. Within the copperbelt province, ranging from Chililbombwe to Mpongwe, there are an estimated two billion tonnes awaiting extraction.In addition to copper, Zambia has extensive reserves of cobalt and the highest grade of zinc and lead in the world. It is also a prime source of gemstones; 20% of the world’s supply of emeralds can be found here and it has Africa’s largest supply of amethysts and aquamarine. These resources are largely untapped and Zambia’s mining industry has huge potential for further investment.

“Mining contributes almost 30% of national revenue and employs over 90,000 people”.

Tourist attractions in this region include 19 national parks and 34 game management areas that cover a total of 22.4 million hectares. To date, tourism is only concentrated within a few locations – leaving several more to be developed. There is a real need for commercial property to serve the tourism industry.

Oil and gas looks set to be an emerging market, with the government in the early stages of issuing oil and gas exploration licenses to foreign and local companies.

Sunbird can help multinationals and SMEs to benefit from this exciting time in Zambia’s development. Our regional base in Lusaka is situated just below the copperbelt province. We’re poised to support mining facilities with construction of residential and commercial developments in challenging rural areas.

Our construction expertise – coupled with our experience of gas extraction in neighbouring East African regions – makes us the ideal local partner for businesses keen to carry out gas exploration within Zambia.